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🌍 Introducing CL4Bio: The Exciting New Erasmus Project! 🌱    

🌟 We’re thrilled to announce the launch of CL4Bio, an innovative Erasmus project that is set to revolutionize the training methodology and foster collaboration across borders! 🚀
Creative Learning Method (CLM) is an innovative training methodology to ignite creativity and motivate people to intentional learning.
CL4Bio project  intends to deliver bioeconomy courses through an easier and more appealing way.
Among academic disciplines, bioeconomy is a modern concept of economic and sustainable development, aimed at increasing economic efficiency through a more complete use of renewable environmental resources, meeting the needs of the population and lifestyles.

This questionnaire aims to get to know the target audience of the Cl4Bio project: Creative Learning to Boost Bioeconomy in Higher Education Curricula. Please answer the questions honestly and accurately. The information collected will be used to improve the effectiveness of the project and adapt it to the needs of the participants. All your answers will be kept confidential and anonymous. The questionnaire includes questions about age, gender, profession, level of education, and location, as well as your knowledge and interest in bioeconomy and creative learning.

We appreciate your cooperation!

Este questionário tem como objetivo conhecer melhor o público-alvo do projeto Cl4Bio: Aprendizagem Criativa para Impulsionar a Bioeconomia nos Currículos do Ensino Superior. As informações recolhidas serão usadas para melhorar a eficácia do projeto e adaptá-lo às necessidades dos participantes. Todas as suas respostas serão mantidas confidenciais e anónimas, e o seu preenchimento é voluntário. Por favor, responda às perguntas com sinceridade e precisão. O questionário inclui perguntas sobre idade, género, profissão, nível de educação e localização, bem como sobre seu conhecimento e interesse em bioeconomia e aprendizagem criativa.

Agradecemos a sua colaboração!




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